Come Fly with us!
Join us to practice Aerial Yoga & Slackline in one of the most beautiful countries of Europe - Portugal!

Have you ever dreamed about walking on a line or being an aerialist for a day ?

This combination guarantees fast and complete
fitness through balance and meditation
Born from the will to combine two passions:
Aerial & Slackline


Slackline is said to be the “funambulism of modern times”.

It teaches you balance and patience using only the arms as counterweights.

It is learned on a narrow, flexible and dynamic piece of webbing anchored between two points (trees, poles,...). 



  • Physical & Mental Balance

  • Focus

  • Well-Being

  • Physical Strength

  • Stress Management

Image de Tim Mossholder





  • Greater Flexibility

  • Back Pain reliever 

  • Strengthened Muscles

  • Stress-Relief

If you like yoga you should definitely consider giving Aerial Yoga or Yoga Swing a try !

For me, Yoga Trapeze was like normal yoga but times 10 more in terms  of how effective, fulfilling and calming it is.

Throughout the yoga class, you do various traditional yoga poses or adaptations of traditional poses using the sling for support.