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The Knot

​​​Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade or so, you’ve likely heard that ‘meditation’ is beneficial.

Meditation has a long history, and has acquired some weird cultural baggage. Think of meditation as mental exercise. We all recognize that training...

Many people believe that aerial activities that include aerial silks are based on just learning new skills or having fun. But these forms of exercise offer a wide range of health-benefits. This includes everything about physical strength, as well as transformation of t...

Exercise is important to your health, your mood and your future physical abilities. But, sometimes getting geared up for a high-intensity interval training workout or strength training is not what you had in mind. While those particular workouts are important, so is fl...

The FIFA 11+ programme is designed as a 15–20 minutes / 3-parts warm-up programme that comprises

running and stretching exercises; exercises focusing on core-leg strength, balance, and plyometric; and

exercises combining running and agility.

The FIFA 11+ programme was cap...

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