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I always wanted to have a place where our passions can be shared and known worldwide. 10 years ago, this community wasn't what it is today. We were just a few, and nothing was available online -yet. When I now see our huge community, the different practices on differents apparatus, it makes me so glad, so happy. Aerial is a beautiful sport for the mind and for the body. It deserves to be known across the world, and we deserve to have a common place where we can share our experiences, our tips, our moves, sequences, and a lot more.

After launching the YT Challenges worldwide for us to connect between ourselves and know each other, I just woke up one day with this beautiful idea of a Magazine, where every aerial yogi could be represented, could share everything related to aerial. A common space, our sphere. I want this magazine to represent our upside down world. Our crazyness but also our journeys. Whether you are a student or a teacher, I want this magazine to be your moment of pleasure. I want you to learn new things, I want for us to have a strong connection between each other. I want us to uplift this sport, this passion, across the world.


I really hope you will enjoy this magazine, that you will share it with your friends, your partners, whoever might be interested. It's a lot of work, but I truly think that WE deserve it. Let's spread our passion worldwide. Let's know each other.

This is my mission; I want to connect as many aerial yogis as possible and share our best practices worldwide!

Let's spread the word!