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Will Slackline Training Complement the FIFA 11+ Programme ?

The FIFA 11+ programme is designed as a 15–20 minutes / 3-parts warm-up programme that comprises

running and stretching exercises; exercises focusing on core-leg strength, balance, and plyometric; and

exercises combining running and agility.

The FIFA 11+ programme was capable of reducing soccer injury rates by 30–70% !

This study will demonstrate if Slackline Training can complement the FIFA 11+ programme in the future regarding training of neuromuscular control as some reports indicate reduced injury rates in athletes with good balance.

Two groups were formed, a slackline training group [SLT] and a FIFA 11+ stabilization training group [F-STAB].

If slackline training might offer similar improvements in neuromuscular control as the FIFA 11+ programme, then it might represent one possible approach to diversify the FIFA 11+ exercises.

Slackline training was shown to improve postural stability, muscle strength, and led to changes in neurophysiological control

The main result of the current study was that all subjects showed a substantial and significant improvement in all the variables characterizing different forms of postural control.

The results also indicated that participants training on the slackline improved more than the participants in the FIFA 11+ programme.

Overall, these results suggest that 12 units of slackline training led to better balance improvement as 12 units of classical stabilization training.

Conclusions :

The results of the present study suggest that slackline training offers better improvements in balance and neuromuscular control as the FIFA 11+ warm-up programme. If compliance with the FIFA 11+ programme is declining, then slacklining might offer an alternative approach to reach the training goals of improved balance and sensorimotor control.

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