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5 Workout Things to Avoid For New Gym Goers

Advanced Workout


This common error happens to overly enthusiastic individuals who want to have optimal success by pushing harder to a more advanced workout routine than necessary or possible.

Likely within one week you’ll be hurt. Clearly this isn’t what you strive for. Decide on a workout routine that fits your schedule and fits your fitness level. Results can be far more achievable.

Too Many Sets

Limit yourself and be aware of how much weight you are lifting. Doing 5 sets of each exercise is not necessary to see results. First try two or three sets in your workout and see how you do. That will be enough to help you increase your strength and level of progress.

Lots of Cardio Training

Way Too Much Cardio. You should avoid steady state cardio and focus more on high intensity interval training (HIIT). New weight lifters often add too much emphasis on cardio, only to see poor progress and over training. Cardio has a negative impact on muscle buildingprogression. Whether your primary goal is to lose fat or build muscle, take a critical look at your workout routine, a strength training workout program is where it’s at, not cardio.

Neglecting Proper Form

Proper form is imperative throughout your workout routine, or you’ll be sacrificing your effort. A personal trainer will provide instruction and guide you through the ideal form unique to that movement. Poor form will prevent you from achieving your muscle building goals. Poor form causes an inability to stimulate the muscles correctly and an added risk for a serious injury. The best advice is to slow down your technique and focus on good habits. The combination of breathing techniques with lifting for both proper form, will ensure your workouts are more efficient.


Often new Gym goers focus on the weight training, but forget about their diet. They tend to use workouts as a healthy excuse for their poor diet. Avoid eating poorly when you start a new workout routine. If not, you’ll outweigh the benefits of the workout itself. If you aren’t tracking caloric intake and failing to get the right macro-nutrient mix, you are not going to see results as quickly or efficiently.

A strength training workout program requires a structure of good habits. Your body will adjust to your new workout program and you will gain confidence in your performance. You are on the road to success.

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