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Sports nutrition: Dietary Supplements

If you want to progress quickly and make the most of your abilities, in addition to training, diet plays a vital role in sports preparation. We will see to what extent dietary supplements can also help you increase your performance.


The food for the athlete is based on the same bases as the classic diet, ie a caloric intake adapted to your needs and a choice of rich and beneficial foods for the body (vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, fibers, antioxidants, etc.).

But now, the athlete demands more from his body than a normal person. By the daily efforts required, which raise the metabolism, the body is in permanent activity and the needs are therefore increased. The energy needs are much higher, the vitamin and mineral intake must be adjusted and it is also necessary to modify the protein and carbohydrate intake.


> They serve to fill food deficits.
Dietary supplements are useful first to supplement your diet. It is difficult, just through the food we eat, to meet all of its needs, including protein intake, polyunsaturated fat, vitamins and minerals, omega 3 etc. Thus, in addition to a good rich diet, balanced and especially adapted to your needs, the supplements will come to complete the whole. The first goal is to fill the gaps.
> They improve the sports performances.
Secondly, the supplements are intended to make you more efficient during your sports efforts. Food supplements will act both before, during and after the recovery effort to allow you to always make the most of your abilities when the time comes.


There are different types of supplements that I will classify into three categories:

  • Complements of health and longevity (those we will talk about today!)

  • Complements during the effort

  • Complements for recovery and performance

For each of my athletes, I will draw from these families components that can optimize progression, recovery and longevity.

Health and longevity supplements:

These could be recommended to the general public and are all the more important for the athlete. They will especially fill your food intake and give your body essential nutrients that may be missing.

  • Multivitamin complexes

Did you know that you should actually eat 27 fruits and vegetables each day for a perfect diet? The consumption of fruits, vegetables and other rich products can bring significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. However, the increased needs of the athlete's micronutrients make multivitamin complexes an "insurance" to meet your daily needs.

  • Omegas

Omega 3,5,6,7 and 9. They fight against mental fatigue, reduces joint pain, burns abdominal fat, reduces blood sugar levels. They are particularly important for the athlete for their anti-inflammatory properties and their benefits for the cardiovascular system. They are often in insufficient quantity in the diet.

If you consume very little fish, there is every indication that your omega 3 intake is below what is needed and you certainly need this supplement.

  • Vitamine D

Vitamin D is essential for the body's role in calcium metabolism and therefore bone health. It is common to observe vitamin D deficiencies especially because of the lack of exposure to the sun.

  • Other health supplements

Of course this list is not exhaustive. Other supplements can complement it, such as berries for example, which we often hear today that sees its benefits act on memory, skin, prevents inflammation and is antioxidant. These are the essentials that will suit the greatest number. Supplementation with vitamins, minerals and omega 3 is a basis to provide the body with all the recommended micronutrients.

> In order to complete this list in an efficient and personalized way, I simply advise you to come back to me in order to succeed in targeting what can be useful for you. To make one's choice without accompaniment is strongly discouraged.

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