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The state of flow, is an emotional state of intense concentration, where the attention is completely absorbed by the current action or the purpose trying to be reached.

The notion of time acquires a new dimension, the effort is almost lesser and the productivity is optimal.

The feeling of intense wellness is immediate. We reach this state mainly in activities where danger is present and which requires an intense concentration, necessary for the realization of the action.

The state of flow would be inherent to sports as basejump, slackline, highline or climbing.

According to Mihály Csíkszentmihílyi, professor and Hungarian perceptive researcher to whom we owe this term, the state of flow allows to reach happiness, it's moreover one of the reasons why those who experiments it do not stop pursuing it !

Two researchers of the university of Nice, Marion Fournier and Rémi Radel, accompanied by a Brazilian student went in the heights of Monaco to study the brain of slackliners, in their natural environment. Making mountains a real research laboratory, the sportsmen have participated to demonstrate the principles of the state of flow.

All infos about the reseach and video Here!

They found out that this state of flow is kind of a "trance" in which we enter, similar to the state of intense concentration known by the Tibetan monks

This almost meditative state erases the outside environment and the concerns of the everyday life. Time takes then another measure. One minute is not more than a moment which passes by without neither beginning nor end, in the course of the action we realize.

10 minutes spent on the slackline amount in reality at one hour.

The attention needed during the action brings a feeling of transcendence that seize us and we feel in accordance with oneself. Nothing more matters, only the action.

It is a way of escape, constructive leak of reality. More and more, slackline is introduced into companies in one concerns of well-being at work, as reported by the engineer François Quiquet, in The Express: "Instead of going to the canteen, we (François and his colleagues) took my car and, ten minutes later, we were in the woods. I made them try slackline... And it has cleared their heads! ". The benefits of slacklining are many. Like we've seen here, this discipline acts not only for the body, but also on the spirit...

So... DO SLACKLINE AND BE happy !!

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